How To Save Money On Custom Uniforms for Your Sports Team

How To Save Money On Custom Uniforms for Your Sports Team

Custom uniforms are essential for your sports team. Uniforms help boost morale, image and help your team shine. But you needn’t bankrupt yourself or your team members to buy them. This blog outlines some great ways to save money on custom uniforms.

Buy in Bulk

One quick sure fire way to save on custom uniforms is buying in bulk. Buying more allows you to have left over for new, incoming team mates and replacements for those who trash their uniform during play. We offer discounts of up to 20-30% for bulk purchases too. Click here for more information.

Buy in packages

Also look for packages. Our Easton Baseball package for instance offers a great price on a Dual Focus 2-Button top, Rival Open bottom pant and mesh cap. Adults: $54.99 and Youth: $49.99. That’s great savings by buying a package instead of separates. Additionally we offer the Baseball Package #1 for $24.99. These are fabulous deals!

Take stock of inventory

Waste not, want not. We also suggest taking stock of what the team already owns. And ask your community if others own custom uniforms from previous seasons and are willing to donate the uniform to the team.

Consult us

We’re here to help you and your team have a fantastic, enjoyable and productive sports season, and to save money. Ask us how to save as you arm your sports team with the best uniforms available. We are very happy to help!